Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tamron 10-24mm Lens in Pet Photography

I have been seeing some great work done with wide angle lenses in pet photography and I plan to rent some to test them out. Before I went to try those out, I wanted to play around with the wide angle lens I already own. I always felt that it would distort too much and give that "fish eye" effect, but it was worth a try. Overall I was pretty impressed. While my 70-200mm lens is a dream for action shots and zooming in, the benefit of the wide angle lens is you can stand right in front of the animal and get the whole body. In order to decrease the degree of disproportion, I tried to keep her in the middle of each photo. Staying at 24mm also reduced the impact.

These shots were taken with my Tamron 10-24mm lens, on aperture priority. (Of course the appeal of the other lenses on my list is a wider aperture, I prefer a more shallow depth of field.) I am also shooting RAW images.

Here is the before and after as I learn more about Adobe Lightroom. I didn't want to do too much because the point of this wasn't to spend hours in post processing, but just see the impact of the wide angle. I like this whole body shot.
ISO 200 ~ 24mm ~ F4.5 ~ 1/1600

I feel like you can definitely see the distortion in her nose/muzzle as it is disproportionately long.

 I like this one, because I was standing toe to toe with Nikita and yet I got her whole body and background. I feel like her body is much longer than in reality, but still not clownish.
ISO 200 ~ 24mm ~ F4.5 ~ 1/2000
 The lens didn't do too poorly with action shots either, although most of them were much too far away to be useful- that is why I have the 70-200mm :) 
ISO 200 ~ 24mm ~ F4.5 ~ 1/2500

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