Tuesday, December 24, 2013

50mm f1.4 Lens in Pet Photography

I rented the Canon 50mm f1.4 lens as it will most likely be next purchase. I wanted to test it indoors as I will be using it for Christmas tomorrow with the family, and I am pretty pleased with the results. I am still working on getting "tack sharp" photos in more of my shots, and I did notice a significant improvement by using a prime lens. 

I also played around with making collages in Photoshop, although I really want to use a collage software to make it faster in the future. I saw a recommendation for this one but it won't work with Photoshop Elements 10. I am also fiddling with Lightroom 5, and I will definitely have to watch some tutorials, but I like the impact to my workflow so far. These images were also all shot in RAW, so I think I am fully transitioned from JPEG.

Left: ISO 400 ~ 50MM ~ f1.4 ~ 1/4000
Right: ISO 400 ~ 50MM ~ f1.8 ~ 1/125

It was getting a little darker out and I gave Nikita her Christmas Eve gift {which lasted approximately 3.2 seconds!} so I chose to bump up the ISO... not sure if I would do that again. My goal was to make the eyes tack sharp so I also chose a slightly higher aperture; generally I feel I achieved sharp eyes. 
 Left: ISO 1600 ~ 50MM ~ f2.2 ~ 1/100
Top Right: ISO 1600 ~ 50MM ~ f2.2 ~ 1/100
Bottom Right: ISO 1600 ~ 50MM ~ f2.2 ~ 1/100

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