Thursday, November 7, 2013

Photoshopping Style

I love playing with Photoshop and trying different looks. I lean towards sharp details, contrast and bright colors to give a dramatic feel to the images I feel is pretty powerful. I also like photos that have a grunge edge to them, although I am still fine tuning those skills. Here are a few before and afters from a shoot I did with my dog, Nikita, at my house.
I rented a 70-200mm f2.8 USM lens for this shoot, and although I loved it, I think I want to go with the IS lens. This will probably be the next lens added to my collection if/when I can finally pull the trigger. 
108mm / ISO 200 / f2.8 / shutter speed 1/500
After: this one doesn't require too much editing because I love the original shot. Just a couple items to give it a little pop. This is often my go to image to try different looks from the super grunge to soft vintage. 

120mm / ISO 800 / f2.8 / shutter speed 1.30
After: Something else I really want to practice more of is black and white editing. I felt these photos were perfect due to the lighting on her face and outlining her head.

165mm / ISO 800 / f2.8 / shutter speed 1/30

Here is one more before and after of Nikita up in Payson, AZ. This one exemplifies more of my stlye; the color of the grass is brighter, the rock stands out more, and there is more detail in Nikita's fur with more texture.
50mm / ISO 200 / f4.5 / shutter speed 1/320

Happy photo editing!


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