Sunday, February 16, 2014

Catch Up

Ok I am a bad blogger! I get so caught up in these adoptable dogs that I keep forgetting to post on the blog! It seems that posting on Facebook is a great way to market these pooches and get people to see them, so I get a little distracted.

I am having a great time with these dogs and so far everyone has been adopted except the three below, who are the most recent I have taken out. This has been such a rewarding experience! I have problems with my artistic direction, as it is difficult to handle the dog AND take photos, so they don't always turn out the way I want, but I still think I am capturing more of their personality than their intake photos. I also think the notes I provide to put in their file really helps potential adopters understand how the dog is outside of the shelter and what they can expect. I am still brainstorming how I can get some better action shots too, as the dogs need to stay on a leash and the leash needs to remain in the photos as per request. Hopefully you will see more of those soon!

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